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CRIEFF Discussion Paper Number 1005

Improving Students’ Learning Aspirations Beyond Post-Primary Education: A First Account of Two Non-Formal Education Programmes in Middle-Income Countries

Fabio Aricò (University of St. Andrews), Laurence Lasselle (University of St. Andrews) andKannika Thampanishvong (University of St. Andrews)

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Non-formal education programmes are active in a number of developing countries. These programmes offer vulnerable students an opportunity to pursue their education although they were excluded for various reasons from the formal education systems. This paper examines the impact of two programmes (one in Mauritius, and one in Thailand) on their participants’ aspirations towards learning.

We develop a methodology to measure the perception of students regarding their learning experience. More than a third of them, for example, believe that there is no barrier to their education. Most acknowledge the role of their teachers in raising their aspirations towards their educational achievement. When compared to male students, female students seem to value more the role of their education.

JEL codes: I21
Keywords:  Non-formal Education, Aspirations, Mauritius, Thailand

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